Leadership and Innovation Learning Institute (LiLi)

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Leadership and Management Development Programs

  1. Adaptive Leadership and Defining Strategic Direction. 
  2. Authentic Leadership - the True North.
  3. From Competent Manager to Effective Coach.
  4. Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Agility and Resilience.
  5. The New Manager First 100 Days

Innovation Training Programs

  1. Basics of Innovation.
  2. Changing the Organization via Innovation.
  3. Innovation - Utilizing Your Brain.
  4. Innovation - the Hidden Secret of All Humans.
  5. Thinking Bigger – Innovation.

Organization Behaviours and Excellence Programs

  1. Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  2. Enhancing Sustainability and Excellence Standards.
  3. Employees Wellness and Happiness.
  4. Global Competitiveness Indexes.
  5. Managing and participating in meetings via virtual platforms.

Human Capital, Learning and Development Programs

  1. Using the Balanced Scorecard for KPIs and Business Reviews.
  2. Managing and Measuring Training Quantitative & Qualitative ROI.
  3. Moving from Human Resources to the Human Capital.
  4. Recruitment and Selection using Competency-Based Interviews.
  5. Train the Trainers.

Presentation, Communication and Writing Skills Programs

  1. Powerful Presentation Skills for Professional Females
  2. Powerful Presentation Skills for Seniors and Executives.
  3. Effective Report Writing Skills (Technical & Non-Technical).
  4. Speaking with Confident to Public and Media.
  5. English Business Correspondence and Writing Skills.

Future Shaping and Marketing Government Services Programs

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Future Shaping.
  2. Organizations Sustainability and Leading Toward the Future.
  3. Managing Government Marketing Campaigns.
  4. Marketing, Communications and PR Competencies. 
  5. Public Relation and the Art of Dealing with Media skills.

MBTI - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Programs

  1. Using MBTI for Effective Coaching and Building Communication Strategies.
  2. Using MBTI for Emotional Intelligence and Personal Branding.
  3. Using MBTI for Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection.
  4. Using MBTI to Enhance Leadership Capabilities to Motivate Teams.
  5. Using MBTI to Solve Problems, Make Decisions and Prevent Conflict.

Self-Development and Personal Branding Programs

  1. The 24 Key Factors for Success and Self-Management.
  2. Developing a Growth Mindset and Building Influencing Relationships.
  3. Positive Communication, Etiquette and Social Skills at the Workplace.
  4. Personal Perestroika - Self Re-Discovery.
  5. Speaking, Communicating with Confident and Persuasion Skills.

Entrepreneurship & Family Business Training Programs

  1. Managing Family Businesses.

  2. Building Corporate Strategy.
  3. Key Competencies for International Business.
  4. Negotiation Dynamics.
  5. Building SMEs.