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About Us

Leadership & Innovation Learning Institute, known as “LiLi” promotes a culture of excellence, aiming to serve an active role by providing impressive, innovative, and consistent training and consultation solutions to maximize the employee’s loyalty, engagement, happiness, and productivity.

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Self-love from another perspective

Learn practical, scientific and psychological skills that help you strengthen your relationship with yourself and develop your self-confidence. By engaging with yourself, you can develop your own self-worth and influence events in your life. A high level of self-confidence and healthy self-love helps you make decisions that contribute to your success, live according to your true values, and deal with yourself and others with confidence and poise.

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Presenting with Confidence for Engineers

Like all other professionals, engineers need effective public speaking and presentation skills to share information and findings effectively. Yet, their challenge is more than others because they have to communicate highly technical information with a broad spectrum of audiences, including superiors, peers, or potential clients who may not understand the technical language.

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Speak with Confidence - for girls 14-18 years old

LiLi provides 2 separate "Speak with Confidence" programs: 1. For boys 14-18 years old 2. For girls 14-18 years old

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